Five Tips For a Gorgeous Rainy Wedding Day

It's the week of your wedding, and you've just opened your weather app to see that the forecast went from sunshine to showers for your Wedding Day. First, take a deep breath and try not to panic -- please know that everything will work out just fine, believe me. You've come to the right place, and this post is devoted to providing you with steps you can take to ensure that your Wedding Day is just as gorgeous and spectacular despite the rain's inconvenient RSVP.

As a wedding planner and designer based in New England, a region of the US where rain is always a possibility on any given day, I've had to execute a fair share of rain plans over the last nine years. In fact, in the Summer of 2016 alone AYE had to execute three rain plans! Since AYE's specialty is private estate and tented weddings, it's imperative that I create two plans for my couples from the very beginning: a main plan and a rain plan. To ensure that my couples' weddings are just as magical and gorgeous when rain strikes, I've put in place procedures to help a wedding plan adapt to an unfavorable forecast in the days leading up to the wedding. And today I'm sharing with you my top five rain plan tips for hosting a gorgeous wedding when Mother Nature isn't cooperating!

luxury chatham wedding and rainy cape cod wedding

1. Assess Your Umbrella Needs

As soon as you believe rain might show it's face on your Wedding Day, swiftly put that Amazon Prime subscription to work and purchase umbrellas for you, your bridal party and your guests. My biggest tip here is to purchase pretty, large and matching umbrellas for yourself and your bridal party. Dreamy portraits and formal photos can be created even in rainstorms with the right umbrellas! I highly recommend these Totes Clear Bubble Umbrellas (link below) for the bride, groom and bridal party! Or if you would like something solid, consider this classic and sophisticated option with a wooden handle (link below). 

For your guests, consider a smaller, compact umbrella or these white umbrellas (links below). Ask your wedding planner or a friend to place them in large woven baskets at the entrance to your ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner reception (and restrooms if they are accessed from outside) for easy access by all of your guests at all times. This hospitable gesture goes a long way in the eyes of your guests, and will keep them dry and comfortable throughout the evening.

Your Umbrella Shopping List:

For extra comfort, inquire with your rental company to add coat racks and hangers, and have your them placed at the front entrance to the venue or tent.

2. Reconsider Having a First Look

This is sometimes requires some convincing, but I promise you that it will save you quite a bit of anxiety and stress! I LOVE the tradition of the groom not seeing his bride until she walks down the aisle, but this beautiful practice doesn't allow for all formal photos to take place prior to the ceremony. While this might not be a concern on a sunny day, when rain clouds roll in your sunlight diminishes. As you head into the evening on your Wedding Day, it becomes a race to squeeze in all the photos on your list before the sun sets and light is completely lost. On a rainy afternoon/evening, visible sunset will not take place, you will skip over twilight and it will be darker earlier than usual. To streamline your day and ensure that you capture all those gorgeous photos of your family and bridal party, consider having a First Look followed by formal photos about 2 hours prior to the ceremony at a pretty, predetermined location such as an open and airy bridal suite, light filled covered patio, or an indoor space with lots of windows. 

luxury cape cod wedding and chatham beach and tennis club wedding

3. Find a Indoor Location for Ceremony, Cocktail Reception and Formal Photos

If you're getting married at a venue with an indoor space, moving any outdoor aspects of the day such as the ceremony and cocktail reception should be pretty painless -- call your wedding planner and venue coordinator 4-5 days prior to the wedding and request the relocation of these events indoors! If you're hosting a tented wedding, consider calling your tent company and adding an additional rain plan ceremony tent. Many tent companies will recommend you place a deposit on a rain plan ceremony tent upon booking the dinner tent, so you may already have one reserved and at the ready! Then relocate your outdoor cocktail reception to the dinner tent by moving the cocktail tables and placing them around the bars and dance floor in the dinner tent, which will encourage guests to continue mingling until first course is served!

To ensure your Formal Photos aren't compromised by the rain, I would highly recommend finding a light and airy indoor location that you can take pre-ceremony and post ceremony formal photos in. Call your planner and/or bridesmaids and exercise "divide and conquer" for this tip! Have each person call a local space within close proximity to your wedding venue where you can take newlywed photos and formal photos during the Wedding Day.  Look for museums, galleries, public pavilions, greenhouses, hotels, historic homes and even other wedding venues with lots of windows, natural light and simple decor. Some locations may require a minimal fee for wedding photography to take place. In this case I say that if you love the location and it's convenient, pay the fee -- it will be worth the peace of mind! Once you find your Formal Photo Location, update your timeline and contact your photographer as well as the bridal party members and family on the formal photos list and provide them with the address.

dahlia bouquet cape cod wedding and blue toille details
blush and navy and green cape cod chatham wedding

4. Keep Your Vendors In the Loop

This step is key. If you don't have a wedding planner already handling this aspect, contact every vendor on your Wedding Vendor Team to let them know your rain plan, even if the changes are very minor. A simple quick phone call to each to chat through the flow of the day will keep everyone on the same page as well as address any questions ahead of time, and it will allow your vendors to adjust their own plans if need be. Keeping your team informed and working off the same plan as you are will set them up for success, and as a result keep the event seamless even in inclement weather.

5. Embrace the Rain

This final tip might be the most important one. Try not to let the rain dictate your emotions on your big day. Reframe your mind to see rain as "no big deal" and you will be much more likely to enjoy the celebration from start to finish. One of my most magical weddings to date took place in the rain -- with the pitter patter of raindrops overhead the candlelit reception under a clear top tent felt like a little piece of romantic heaven to guests! Some of the BEST newlywed photos have been those taken in rain. When the ceremony is over, grab your pretty umbrellas, hold onto your other half and head for the outdoors for a few minutes with your photographer. Laugh, smile, dance, hug and kiss for some stunning and epic photos of you as newlyweds in the rain.

gorgeous rainy day wedding on cape cod

Bonus Tip: Add Flowers

I couldn't resist adding just one more! Because many of my couples' host at least one part of their wedding outdoors, often times we are moving that piece of the day indoors. And when doing so, sometimes you need to bring the outside in to maintain the aesthetic and keep the design you've worked so hard to create in tact. Flowers can really help to transform a space into a romantic setting and add brightness to an indoor venue. Consider adding more blooms to your ceremony's flower arch to make it more impactful and "wow" guests as they walk into the ceremony space. Soften hard surfaces such as mantels and 

And there you have it! Friends, I hope this post has been helpful and calmed any nerves you might be having about the chance of inclement weather on your wedding day! For anyone who has experienced rain on their wedding day, I would love for you to comment below and share your umbrella photos with me! 

Until next time!

xo, Keri

Photography by Carly Michelle Photography

Newly Engaged? Here’s How to Start Planning Your Wedding

Hooray, Gorgeous! You're getting married. You've made the announcement, you’ve posted a photo of your beautiful ring on Instagram, and you’re receiving hundreds of phone calls, texts and Facebook notifications with sweet messages from your family and friends congratulating you! And already a curious relative has asked you, "so, when's the wedding?" Cue the planning anxiety. 

Megan Braemore Photography

Megan Braemore Photography

To get you on the right track towards your big day, I have put together a short guide featuring the “First Six Wedding Planning Steps” to begin your wedding planning journey. And, if you're interested in a little more wedding assistance from Always Yours Events, read through to the bottom of the post for access to another planning tool from AYE!

At AYE, my intention during a couple’s initial consultation is to essentially start them off on the right foot, lay down a good foundation and, most importantly, prevent stress. Many of my brides tell me that the first thing they do after they get engaged is hop onto Google and Pinterest, beginning the endless search for venues, caterers, photographers, stationers, etc.  And every one of them says that within a few days, they are completely overwhelmed. So when a bride books with me, my goal is to skip the overwhelm and get her on the right track towards a gorgeous wedding. Below is my “First Six Wedding Planning Steps” guide, outlining touch points I use during my initial consultations to help my couples start from scratch.

Megan Braemore Photography

Megan Braemore Photography


You’ve been dreaming about this day since you were seven, so don’t stop now! Have a little reverie about the aspects you hope to incorporate into your Wedding Day. Jot down these ideas and take a good look. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you will see the makings of a wedding style/theme starting to form. Farm tables, flower crowns and floral garland -- you might be dreaming of a botanical, rustic affair! Pink peonies, gold rimmed glassware, black and white striped linens -- you’re on the Kate Spade chic track!


Do you have a general location in mind? Will you get married in your hometown? Or maybe your fiance’s hometown? What about where you spent the Summer as a child? Or are you are you dreaming about jetsetting for an intimate destination wedding in Bora Bora? You don’t have to specifically pick your venue at this point. Just hone in on your ideal location.


I know, this is the scary conversation. But trust me, you want to do this now. This is going to allow you to set parameters, which, believe it or not, will actually make the journey easier and wedding-related decisions less daunting. If you haven’t already, speak with both sides of the family about whether or not they feel comfortable contributing to your Wedding Day budget. Then sit down together and come up with an estimated figure. Here is one of my favorite resources that will help you generate a budget:


You’re thinking, “this is going to be tough” (cue Steve Martin in Father of the Bride ruthlessly cutting names from his daughter’s guest list). But it doesn’t have to be! Create your list with your fiancé by working from the core outwards. Start in this order: immediate family, close relatives (first aunts, uncles and cousins), best friends, distant relatives, family friends, work friends and colleagues. You can refine later, but at this point you will have a pretty good handle on your estimated guest count.


Now take your dreams, general location, budget and guest count and do a little research. Go to review websites such as or and review venues in your ideal location that will work with your guest count and overall wedding vision. Call all of your venue options and set up a time to chat with your venue representative about potential dates. Set up site visits with each venue that has availability. And once you find one that you love, consider booking immediately so the date you desire is 100% yours!


This step can come before booking a venue OR after. Some brides book a wedding planner before reserving their venue, therefore their wedding planner will be very actively venue scouting with them. When looking for a wedding planner, look for experience, good recommendations and take a gander at his or her portfolio. Most importantly try to find someone that you connect with immediately. A personal connection with you planner will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Megan Braemore Photography

Megan Braemore Photography

And there you have it! AYE’s six "next steps" that will help you jumpstart the wedding planning journey and lay down a fantastic foundation for your the big day. I hope you found this guide helpful, and I hope you feel more confident moving forward with this very exciting experience! 

In the comments below, share with me ideas for posts you would like to see in the near future! And for more gorgeous wedding inspiration, design ideas, tips and tricks straight to your inbox each month, sign up for the AYE Monthly Newsletter here!

xoxo, Keri

Photography by Briana Moore Photography

Wedding Planning by Always Yours Events

A Nautical Chic AYE Wedding {Brittany and Casey}

Drumroll please. Brittany and Casey's wedding photos have arrived, and guys, they are gorgeous. When Brittany and I had our first consultation, she had plans for a much larger wedding. But as the planning process began, the couple decided that an intimate affair of just close family and close friends on the ocean at Wequasset Resort and Golf Club was truly their cup of tea.

"Subtle Nautical Chic," is how Brittany described her vision for her wedding day. While that might sound a wordy, I knew exactly what she meant. On Cape Cod, couples can sometimes feel like they need to have the quintessential Cape Cod wedding with hurricane lanterns and beachy elements, blue hydrangeas and a beachside ceremony. But Brittany and Casey preferred Cape Cod as the backdrop, and less the central theme.

We selected the Wequasset Resort and Golf Club to host their 60 close family and friends for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception. The weather on May 30th was absolutely gorgeous, with just the appropriate amount of clouds and sun, which were the makings for some truly stunning photos. 

The ceremony was held at the cozy Lawn Cove nestled in the center of Wequasset and against the harbor which served as the most gorgeous backdrop. Brittany and Casey read their own written vows to each other, focusing on the growth of their love throughout the years. 

One of the major focal points of Brittany and Casey's weddings were the florals. With May being the season of peonies, Coral Charms and Tree Peonies made an appearance in all of the bouquets and guest table centerpieces. In an effort to tie in nautical hints throughout the design, we selected navy and white striped ribbon wraps for the bouquets, and pops of creamy white Dutch hydrangea (the iconic Cape Cod bloom). The guest tables featured navy and gold menu cards snuggly tucked into navy napkins and the centerpieces were comprised of hydrangea, peonies and coral roses in hammered gold vessels, which played perfectly into the navy, coral, white and gold color palette.

And the newlyweds spent the rest of their evening dancing the night away with their friends and family on a reclaimed wood dance floor on a deck that overlooked the ocean. You cannot top that!

Congratulations to the newlyweds, and cheers to the Bretts! 


Planning and Design by Always Yours Events, Photography by Tico and Red Photography, Ceremony and Reception Venue is Wequasset Resort and Golf Club, Florals by Jacqueline Albanese Floral, Cake Design by Montilio's Bakery, Hair by Brenda Wilson, Makeup by Mae Michienzie

Meet This AYE Couple || An Engagement Shoot

These two. There are only twenty eight days left until Caroline and Dave say "I do," and in order to celebrate, I wanted to share some of the gorgeous, dreamy photos from their recent engagement shoot with Ashley Stelzer Photography

Bride to Be - Wedding Planner - Engagement Shoot

Caroline and Dave will be tying the knot at the bride's family's property, complete with a navy and white star top sailcloth cocktail tent, a sailcloth dinner tent, one out of this world seven piece band from Boston, floral garlands and greens with pops of white blooms and coral dahlias, lots of sweet surprises for guests, and a sparkler send-of leading the way to the FOB's vintage BMW convertible getaway car!

I hope you all will join me on AYE's Instagram (@alwaysyoursevents) and Periscope (@alwaysyoursevents) for wedding decor prep leading up to Caroline and Dave's navy, coral and gold nautical fete at the end of July! 

Anthropologie Inspired Wedding {Wedding Design Inspiration}

Do not quench your inspiration and imagination; do not become the slave of your model.
— Vincent van Gogh

In the recent few weeks, I have had the pleasure of delving into Anthroplogie-inspired designs for some of AYE's upcoming 2015 weddings, and I have to say that I am over the moon incorporating the gorgeous look and feel into the scope of these weddings. Vintage mismatched china, gold dipped accents, soft shades punctuated with bold colors, watercolor, lots of textures including velvet and natural linen, reclaimed wood, indie upholstery and a plethora of unique pieces that complete the big picture. As a creative wedding designer, what I love so much about the Anthropologie-look is that every little mismatched, unconventional piece actually impeccably contributes to a perfectly chic overall look and design.

Brides, once you establish that this is the wedding style and aesthetic you are leaning towards, a great way to start on the right foot is by defining a color palette. For an Anthropologie-inspired wedding, you will want to pick approximately four to five colors that range from soft hues to eye-catching colors. Substitute stark and true white shades with ivory, cream, ecru or even champagne. Add in a soft hue such as mauve, blush, butter, taupe, etc. Add one or two colors that pack an impact, such as indigo, burnt orange, emerald, marigold or even fuchsia. Finally, add a metallic accent, such as gold, antique gold, platinum, etc. This color palette will create a guide for you to continually use as you place your rental orders, work with your floral designer to create floral recipes, select china, silver, glassware, linens, and purchase additional decor and accent pieces.

The overall aesthetic for an Anthropologie-inspired wedding is a combination of al fresco, vintage, a touch of boho chic and whimsy. When speaking with your floral designer, consider designs that have a "wave" to the shape of the arrangement, featuring greens and big colorful blooms with some whimsical blooms "popping out" of the arrangement in certain areas. Think of hand-tied bouquets filled with natural greens and statement blooms with textured wraps such as velvet, lace, raw silk, etc (think opposite of grosgrain). For table decor, consider skipping the linen and selecting a rustic walnut farm table with cross back napa chairs. Think mismatched china or china rimmed with the metallic you have selected for your color palette. Selecting a napkin in the bold hue from your color palette can create an statement and pull all of the elements of the table together. For place cards and escort cards, consider watercolor in the softer shades of your color palette.

Finally, no Anthropologie-inspired wedding would be complete without a chic, completely styled lounge area that feels like that "spot" where everyone wants to relax with a fun cocktail. Think vintage rental furniture such as tufted couches and chairs, colorful moroccan poufs, an indie tapestry rug or even a white shag area rug, a wide and long wood coffee table, lots of votives in various styles, a plethora of textured, colorful throw pillows and fun metallic accent pieces for the table. 

What do you think, lovelies? Are you feeling inspired to begin applying some of these ideas to your wedding design plans? If you do, I would LOVE to see what you create. Upload your photograph on IG and tag @alwaysyoursevents so that we can see all the prettiness you have created! 

XOXO, Keri

Photo Sources: Colin Cowie Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Burnett's Boards, Casa de Perrin 

Here's to You 2014! {A Year in Review}

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. And I hope somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.
— Neil Gaiman

Dear 2014… I have to say, you were so good to me.

In 2014, an enormous dream came true. The dream of becoming an entrepreneur, small business owner and principal wedding planner at my own boutique wedding planning company finally became a reality. On January 1st, 2014, I started the new year off with this thought in mind: a year from now you will wish you had started today. This was my mantra throughout these past 365 days. With every single overwhelming decision, I kept my dream and end goal in mind. When I came to crossroads I thought to myself "a leap of faith will do me good." And as a result, Always Yours Events opened its doors this past July!

I have to say, 2014 will go down as one of the most prosperous years in my life. 

I hope you all can find the strength, faith and courage inside you to pursue your dreams in this beautiful year of 2015. And allow yourself to take that leap of faith! Au revoir 2014! Cheers to 2015!

A Christmas Tradition {AYE Styled Shoot}

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold everything is softer and more beautiful.
— Norman Vincent Peale

Years ago, my sweet best friends and I put in place the tradition of an annual Christmas dinner in an effort to bring us together during what is quite possibly the busiest time of the year.  It’s funny.  We typically associate Christmas with an abundance of parties, cozy gatherings and general togetherness. But I have found that as I get older and the years pass, the amount of togetherness decreases and the amount of time I spend hustling and bustling seems to increase exponentially. And so this little tradition we continuously keep is meant to combat that, and bring us back to each other, no matter where we are in our lives.

Courtesy of Samantha Altieri Design

Courtesy of Samantha Altieri Design

This year, it was my turn to host our intimate little gathering.  And since Christmas is such an enchanting time of year, I decided to incorporate lots of prettiness and a little bit of magic into the plans and details. We spruced up the Christmas tree with a plethora of gold accents (including a glittery pineapple) and strings of colorful paper tassel garland for a little extra whimsy.  Pretty much every blank space, nook and cranny was filled with candles. Ten-feet of magnolia leaf garland added some serious gorgeousness to the dining room table, making an impact and adding a little bit of rustic elegance to the overall look.  And perhaps my favorite detail of all was the table settings, with the extra touch of gilded deer figurines. Instead of using the standard white bistro, I drove over to my parent’s house, unlocked the hutch and took out my grandmother’s gold rimmed Lenox china and glassware for the first time ever. This china and glassware has been in my family for generations. It’s stunning. And yet we never use it. What I love about this particular detail is that its not just beautiful... it’s meaningful.  


I made a very simple menu, featuring butternut squash agnolotti with toasted cinnamon sage brown butter and arugula salad with citrus vinaigrette and shaved parmesan.  For dessert, we had white russian sips with toasted marshmallow skewers, fawn and doe cut-out cookies and salted caramel filled cupcakes, topped with a gold star sparkler for a little element of surprise!



We wrapped up the night around the fireplace participating in our annual yankee swap. Filled with laughter and snuggles with our little niece Reagan (AYE's mascot in the making), we exchanged thoughtful gifts with one another. And like that, another Christmas tradition had come and gone.

I have to say that this sweet little party is something I look forward to all year through, and I hope that even when we are little old sassy ladies, we will find the time every Christmas to stop and enjoy the togetherness.  Merry Christmas, friends! Now shut off your computers, stop shopping and go share the rest of the season with the ones you love.

Photography by Samantha Altieri, Design and Planning by Always Yours Events, Sparklers by Tops Malibu, Paper Flowers by Appetite Paper  

The Trouvaille Workshop 2.0: Part I

Trouvaille - noun: A lucky find
— Merriam Websters Dictionary

If I close my eyes and wish hard enough, could I go back in time to Trouvaille 2.0?

My heart has been SO full after returning home from the Trouvaille Workshop by the seriously talented wedding planner and floral designer Rhiannon Nicole Bosse of Hey Gorgeous Events. For those of you who don’t know, Trouvaille is a workshop created to educate and inspire businesswomen in the wedding planning realm, and was brought to life in an effort to encourage and facilitate a tight knit community of like minded, creative women. From the swoon-worthy dinners and soirees, to the invaluable presentations by the amazing speakers and vendors, to the hands-on experiences in calligraphy, sketching and floral, to all the pretty swag (oh my goodness, the swag!), topped off with Rhi’s amazing capacity to love and dote on us, this workshop knocked me right off my feet.  I can safely say that I left that workshop with a full heart, an incredible new group of 30+ beautiful friends, a clear mind and some serious conviction for Always Yours Events.  

In order to even scratch the surface of the three-day workshop, I wanted to devote a post to each of the intensive days. In this post, I will cover the night before Trouvaille, the opening sessions on Day One, followed by a recap of what might be the prettiest Welcome Dinner I have ever seen and been to in my life.  So make sure to stay tuned throughout the week for more posts about Day 2 and Day 3!

On the day we arrived, I was fortunate to have a pre-workshop sleepover with my good friend, fellow Trouvaille veteran, roomie and New Orleans based wedding planner Merideth from Bella Soiree Weddings and Events! Something I truly loved about this experience was getting to see all the pretty and familiar faces of my friends/fellow Trouvaille veterans this time around (see the first workshop’s blog post here). We met up with another friend, roomie and North Carolina based wedding and event designer, Jessica Alexander from Pretty in the Details, had dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, followed by late night cocktails with Rhi and speaker Kristen Polhemus from Reverie Weddings and Events!  In all honesty, this night is in my “top ten.” Relaxing with a group of incredibly talented women, chatting about our dreams for our businesses and personal aspirations, sharing advice with each other, followed by a little bit of coaching from Rhi and Kristen, all over champagne and mac n’ cheese bites made for the perfect night.  Like I said... definitely in my “top ten.”

Okay, so waking up the morning of Trouvaille is like Christmas. We got ready for the day’s festivities, followed by checking into our hotel room. Of course, upon entering our hotel room we spied gifts from Rhi.  On each of our beds were gold sequined hangers complete with blush ribbons and name tags to hang our dresses for the Welcome Dinner.  Quickly we all got ready, met in the lobby of the hotel and then hopped on the private wooden trolley that brought us to the Downtown Greenhouse in Grand Rapids. Rhi welcomed us all with big hugs as we entered the gorgeous workshop space for Day One.  At each seat was more pretty swag that we “ooo-ed” and “ahh-ed” over until presentations began. Rhi began with introductions, followed by a session about how to create an unforgettable and talked about client experience. Kristen followed right afterwards with a session about booking the ideal client, and determining personalities of our clients so that we may adjust our approach in a way that caters to each individual client personality.  


Shortly after Day One sessions ended, we headed into the Welcome Dinner, which took place in the prettiest greenhouse I have ever seen.  As we entered the room, we were greeted with mojitos with striped gray paper straws, and guided to our seats at a long table filled with blush, sage and cream details, lots of candles and of course, gifts at each place. As we all enjoyed dinner we had the opportunity to chat with the speakers and attendees, learning more about each other and our businesses.  Dinner concluded with a slam-bang finish as Rhi led a dessert parade, in which every individual dessert had a gold sparkler! Precious, right?


And at the end of the night we had a heart-to-heart breakout session with Jodi Boss from Gwyneth Paige Letterpress in the prettiest, chic lounge area of all time.  Jodi spoke to us about following our hearts on the pathway to our dreams.  Through sharing her own personal experiences, she spoke to us about trusting our intuition and never getting too caught up in the money and popularity of it all.  Overall, the discussion was about remembering to create a business that we can be proud of and that contributes to the happiness of our lives.

Day One of Trouvaille was pretty spectacular.  And Day Two and Day Three were nothing less than the same!  I can’t wait to share more with you during the upcoming week.  Stay tuned! xoxo

Photography by Bradley James Photography, Trouvaille Workshop by Hey Gorgeous Events, Planning and Floral Design by Hey Gorgeous Events, Linens by Nuage Designs, Simplified Planner by Emily Ley, Tumbler by Ashley Brooke Design, Watercolor Clutches by Oatmeal Lace, Bows by Kristen Polhemus at Reverie Events, Cake Pops by The Cakabakery, Sequin Hangers by Oh Deer Creative, Floral Scissors by We Love Citrus, Candles by Riles and Co., Notebooks by LH Calligraphy and Lara Casey, Vintage Furniture by Fancy Fray, Catering by Amway Grand Hotel.

Over Sunday Morning Coffee: Lovely Client Gifts

Almost everything ever written on the subject of love indicates that at the heart of love is the spirit of giving.
— Dr. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages

Gifting is a love language.  It is a way to express thoughtfulness, that there is a special place in your heart for someone, and even more simply… that you care.  And it just so happens that gifting is my primary love language.  Is it your birthday?  Great, I got you a gift!  You're having a baby?  Perfect, because I found this onesie that coordinates with your mint green nursery!  It's your second anniversary?  Here is a cotton blossom wreath for your new home! You're having a bad day?  These sprinkle donuts I baked you will definitely be the cure.  You just booked me as your wedding planner?  Just you wait and see all the lovely pretties in store.

The Always Yours Events business model truly emphasizes the client experience.  It is our differentiation factor.  It is what makes what we do so personal.  And one of the ways we enhance the client experience is through gifting. I absolutely love giving gifts as a part of the Always Yours client experience, and as 2015 approaches I am looking for some really thoughtful pretties to gift to each of my brides throughout our planning journey together.  

I already have a few goodies up my sleeve, but I thought maybe our readers might have a little bit of insight too! If you were an AYE bride, what little gift would you be over-the-moon to open from us?  If you have a spare moment, I would love for you to comment below and share your thoughts!


Ring boxes from The Mrs. Box, floral arrangement from Hey Gorgeous Events, cotton voille robe from Plum Pretty Sugar and rose pate de fruits from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Hi, Love! Ciao Amore Mio. Hola Amor. Amour Salut. Dia duit mo ghra.

“Hi, love” is my go-to hello. From phone calls, to emails, to texts, these are usually my first words to the ones I love. And that is how I will always address you.
— Keri Ketterer, Always Yours Events

Courtesy of Bradley James Photography

Courtesy of Bradley James Photography

Welcome to the Always Yours Events (AYE) blog! I am so happy you have stopped by! My original intention for this blog was to simply feature weddings and events, filled with a plethora of pretty photos and detail shots. But I soon realized that I wanted this space to be so much more than that.  Don’t worry, I will absolutely offer posts about all of the AYE weddings and events chock full of beautiful images, but this blog will not be limited to only these types of posts.

Courtesy of Bradley James Photography

Courtesy of Bradley James Photography

The purpose of this blog is to be an online journal, filled with weddings, events, experiences, inspiration, personal stories, advice, DIY tutorials, some beauty reviews (especially for brides!), food (because, lets be honest, who doesn’t love a yummy recipe for pretty donuts covered in sprinkles), and so many more aspects of AYE living. And amongst all of these posts, I am so hopeful that you all will feel comfortable joining in on the conversation, sharing with me your experiences, your thoughts, suggestions in regards to what you would like to see more of and recommendations! So tell me, what would you all like to see most? I have a lovely little plan in mind, and I am beyond excited to watch it unfold with all of you.