Mastering the Private Estate Wedding



private tented cape cod wedding

the beauty of a private estate wedding

There is a certain kind of magic and storytelling that takes place when a couple welcomes their guests to a wedding at their home or on a property where there is meaning. For our couples, these locations have history -- they are places where memories have been made and life's milestones have been celebrated. A tented private estate wedding is a truly one-of-a-kind celebration, starting out as blank canvas with endless possibilities and being transformed into a remarkably gorgeous, highly customized and awe-inspiring event.


When it comes to planning events, there is no celebration more intricate than planning and designing the tented private estate wedding. You are building a venue from the ground up, and likely on a property where there has never been a wedding before. There are a plethora of moving pieces, additional vendors to hire, aspects that need creative solutions, and so many elements outside of your control (such as the weather) to manage! But despite these challenges, these unparalleled celebrations are incredibly rewarding and leave lasting impressions on the couple and their guests to last a lifetime.

The Mastering the Private Estate Wedding Course is a private three part coaching series created for event planners and designers looking for a further and deeper understanding of the process of planning a tented wedding on the private property. This course is ideal for wedding professionals who would like to offer tented wedding services within their list of services, and potentially be considered a "go-to" planner in their area and region for planning these spectacular events.

The course is a three part coaching series with expert private estate and tented wedding planner Keri Ketterer, and include five hours of coaching video calls covering 5 crucial topics to planning a tented wedding, a workbook of resources from a tried and proven workflow, floor plans to timelines, to permitting documents, and including the AYE trade secret document, and one-on-one creative solutions conversations for current tented weddings in queue with your business. And of course a couple of little surprises and swag along the way (because at AYE we love surprises in pretty packaging)!

Investment + Course Tuition: $1,195.00

There are five limited spots for 2018, and will be offered from February through April 2018. Please email keri@alwaysyoursevents.com to set up an initial consultation call to learn if this course is the best for you and reserve your seat!